OH Privet!

I'm Mish, a veteran visual designer turned illustrator to follow my dreams. Recently became a vTuber on Twitch cuz I couldn't keep away from draw cute and sexy 2D women.I can't wait to draw your waifus~


All Prices are in USD.

.Lines Only$50
Character Illustration  
.Full Body$350
.Lewd (no hardcore)+50% of price
Additional CharactersSketch & Illustration$100
Backgroundprice range for complexity$25-75
OverlayOne revision$75 per screen
Emotes336x336$45 each

Additional revisions outside the scope of work will cost 5~10% of the initial commission price.

Terms of Service

General Info

  • You will not receive any physical prints, nor are you allowed to make any profits off my work. (Must let me know if you're using for commercial purposes)

  • I hold full rights to the artwork, which means I may post it on my socials.

  • You must give proper credits to me MishBad. You are NOT allowed to claim it as your own artwork!

  • You will receive the full resolution file via google drive link.

Commercial Use

  • The added price is dependent on the type of commercial business you're intending to do with the artwork.

  • 1.5x Price: Art used for social media platforms that generate monetary profit (twitch, youtube, patreon, personal site), promotional/branding purposes, and game assets.

  • 2x Price: Art used for merchandise such as stickers, charms, t-shirt, postcards, prints etc.

  • 3X Price: Private commission (the work will remain secret until a set date)

Order & payment

  • Payment: must be paid in full before the commission is started.

  • Clients are required to provide a clear reference of character that's being commissioned. Feel free to even

  • Commissions are selected based on how well I can fulfill your request, I do reserve the right to decline your commission if I think the project doesn't fit with my style or if I am unable to

  • Revisions: the artist will request from the client to approve the revisions for at least 2 instances of the work, specifically for the sketch and coloring (pre-rendering) phase. These revisions cannot lead to backtracking already approved steps, nor increase drastically the amount of work planned for the commission.

  • After discussing with me about details I will send an invoice via Paypal. You must send the half or the >full payment before any work begins.

  • Full refunds are allowed to be requested if the commission has not been started on.

  • Refunds: commissions are non-refundable after payment unless the artist decides to cancel the commission, if the artist has not sent any update regarding the commission progress for a period longer than 14 days or if the artist is the only one at fault for missing a rush-order deadline. Only in those cases, the payment will be fully or partially refunded if the client requests it.

  • After the sketch phase has been approved by the client, it is no longer refundable.

Rush Orders

  • I am not currently taking rush orders at this time.

  • Rush request (50% of total commission price) can be requested to bump your commission up to the top of the queue.


  • My process is as follows. 1st draft->refined sketch->rendering(color or b&w). WIPs will be provided for each process.

  • The sketch phase is the best time for you to tell me if you'd like something changed eg: pose, lighting, colors etc... Please don't be shy to ask for adjustments as I try my best to please my clients and capture the character's aesthetic and personality the best I can.

  • Once the commission is finished I can offer small changes such as color adjustments and missing details but will not redraw or add big sections to the piece.

  • I will only make changes to the final piece if it was my mistake (missed detail that you've provided in the form)

  • If it's a change you want and I did not have clear, obvious information when you ordered the art, I will not make the changes unless additional fees are paid

  • The responsibility is on you to ensure your order contains the details you want me to follow. I will not redraw commissions unless payment is sent for a second order.

By commissioning me, it means you have read and accepted all the terms outlined above.You will agree to the policy of using the art for personal, non-profit purposes, or commercial use and provide all image credits to me, @MishBad_

Credits to Beyumi, Oro for their terms of service I used as a base for my own.

Commission Request

This is a soft launch to me taking commissions so I would appreciate some patience, in exchange I extend professionalism and open communication.Please email me if you need any clarification or you have any questions!

Commission Queue on Trello